Talks That Don’t Suck

How to Write and Give Bible Talks for Teenagers

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‘Do not, under any circumstances, try to be cooler than you are.’

Preaching to teenagers can be a terrifying prospect. Tom French, an experienced youth communicator, will give you everything you need to craft Bible talks that engage and challenge young people while pointing them to the love of God in Jesus. This fun, readable, and incredibly practical step-by-step guide for writing and giving Bible talks is the ideal book for new youth leaders just getting started, youth pastors looking for a refresher, or old hands wanting to know how to speak to young people. Talks That Don’t Suck will help you ensure your talks aren’t terrible –and who knows, they may even be amazing!

The Bible gives us the story for all people, for all generations. How we tell the story might change, but the truth of the story will not.

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