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A Dozen Disappointing Disciples

How to Do Stupid Stuff and Still Change the World

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Matthew was a traitor.
James and John wanted to blow up innocent people.
Thomas doubted Jesus rose from the dead.
Peter chopped off a guy’s ear, then denied he even knew Jesus.

Jesus’ disciples were intolerant, selfish, violent, and dull. They were exactly the sorts of people you would think God couldn’t use. Except that he did, and they changed the world. A Dozen Disappointing Disciples is an engaging, and often hilarious, look at the stupid stuff the twelve disciples did. You’ll discover how Jesus used them, and how he can use you too. Fun, encouraging, and challenging, this book will help you see that not even your stupidity is any match for the power of Jesus.


Some people were not disappointed

A Dozen Disappointing Disciples is a humorous and thought-provoking look at a group of seriously flawed people who were part of changing the world. Through hilarious anecdotes, diligent research and approachable writing, Tom French makes the disciples a relatable example of how God can use immense imperfection to achieve His perfect will.

Ben Kirby

Creator, PreachersNSneakers

Like everything else Tom writes, A Dozen Disappointing Disciples is funny, easy to read, relevant, accessible, and thought provoking. It’ll make you laugh and remind you why the good news of Jesus really is good news for you.

Chris Morphew

Author 'Best News Ever' and the 'Big Questions' series

The Bible is the bestselling, most widely distributed, and most read book in the history of the world. But what can a book from 2000 years ago possibly have in common with me today? Tom French’s A Dozen Disappointing Disciples shows us that we have way more in common with the twelve bumbling, foolhardy, and headstrong disciples of Jesus than we dared imagine. By reading this book, we will find that their shortcomings are also our shortcomings. But more importantly, we will see that their path of redemption is the same one that we can take today.

Sam Chan

Author 'How to Talk About Jesus (Without Being That Guy)' and 'Evangelism in a Skeptical World'

Do you ever feel disappointed with your own efforts? Do you worry about disappointing God? Tom French wants you to meet Peter, James, John, Thomas, and the other disciples – and mostly, he wants you to meet Jesus, who has as much patience, generosity, and life-changing grace for you as he did for them.
Drawing a line between the Gospel stories and our own everyday lives is a challenging art, but Tom makes it look effortless. This encounter with Jesus and his disciples will puncture your ego, lay your fears to rest, help you think about stuff in new ways, and offer you a mission in life. Also, it’s really funny!

Dr Natasha Moore

Author of 'For the Love of God' and winner of the 2020 Australian Christian Book of the Year award

A Dozen Disappointing Disciples is full of Tom’s quirky humour and funny stories that are well pitched for teenagers. But the real genius in this book is the way Tom communicates profound biblical and theological insights with such understated simplicity. The book not only engages with the Bible but is also full of excellent historical information on the New Testament background. This book will both serve teenagers in following Jesus with his disciples and deepen our understanding of how to read and teach the New Testament for leaders.

Mike Dicker

Principal, Youthworks College Sydney

Because it’s Tom, you know this is going to be a fun read that points you to Jesus while positively relying upon the Holy Spirit to change the world. This is a timely book for a season where many of us feel like we can’t do anything unless we are famous or superhuman. Tom makes it clear that God can use you; just look at the disciples. Let’s rejoin with Jesus to change the world with His gospel.

Matt Gelding

Director, Soul Survivor Australia

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