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Weird, Crude, Funny, and Nude: The Bible Exposed


Ultimate fighting bears, a fat king who poops himself, zombies, donkey “bits”, and a fart. 

These are not the things you’d expect to find in the Bible, but they’re all there. If you thought the Bible was dull, think again. This is your chance to discover all the parts of the Bible they don’t teach you in Sunday school – but probably should.

Weird, Crude, Funny, and Nude is a hilarious, Christ-centred, and somewhat inappropriate look at some of the least known and discussed parts of the Bible for those of us who think nudity, poop, and farts are funny.

Cover of A Dozen Disappointing Disciples book by Tom French

A Dozen Disappointing Disciples: How to Do Stupid Stuff and Still Change the World


Matthew was a traitor.
James and John wanted to blow up innocent people.
Thomas doubted Jesus rose from the dead.
Peter chopped off a guy’s ear, then denied he even knew Jesus.

Jesus’ disciples were intolerant, selfish, violent, and dull. They were exactly the sorts of people you would think God couldn’t use. Except that he did, and they changed the world. A Dozen Disappointing Disciples is an engaging, and often hilarious, look at the stupid stuff the twelve disciples did. You’ll discover how Jesus used them, and how he can use you too. Fun, encouraging, and challenging, this book will help you see that not even your stupidity is any match for the power of Jesus.

Ephesians: Fifteen Days with the Runaway Prophet


Angels, demons, and dark spiritual powers. Sex, slavery, and dead people returning to life. Ephesians may be a letter to an ancient church, but it also has enduring wisdom for today. From dealing with your exasperating parents to fighting in an eternal battle, nothing is beyond this biblical book. These devotions on Ephesians will help you discover more of God’s love and power as you live for him in this complex and spiritual world.

Pop’s Devotions is a series of engaging daily devotions, written for young people, that works through books of the Bible from beginning to end.


Jonah: Fifteen Days with the Runaway Prophet


Do you ever feel less than heroic in your faith? Jonah is the prophet for you. He’s a scared, overly-emotional, responsibility-avoiding, anti-hero of biblical proportions. As you struggle with how to respond to your calling, how to treat your enemies, your disappointment with God, and how to escape the belly of a giant fish, these devotions with Jonah will challenge, encourage, and delight you.

Pop’s Devotions is a series of engaging daily devotions, written for young people, that works through books of the Bible from beginning to end.


Talks That Don’t Suck: How to Write and Give Bible Talks for Teenagers


‘Do not, under any circumstances, try to be cooler than you are.’

Preaching to teenagers can be a terrifying prospect. Tom French, an experienced youth communicator, will give you everything you need to craft Bible talks that engage and challenge young people while pointing them to the love of God in Jesus. This fun, readable, and incredibly practical step-by-step guide for writing and giving Bible talks is the ideal book for new youth leaders just getting started, youth pastors looking for a refresher, or old hands wanting to know how to speak to young people. Talks That Don’t Suck will help you ensure your talks aren’t terrible –and who knows, they may even be amazing!

The Bible gives us the story for all people, for all generations. How we tell the story might change, but the truth of the story will not.